Black Mold: Poisoned From It for 35 Years

35-year poisoning by black mold: A woman’s harrowing experience. Learn about the dangers, effects, and her journey.

Black mold plagued Dana Anhalt’s life for 35 years, as her body suffered its effects unknowingly. The cause, revealed in her GoFundMe story, was the insidious presence of black mold that infested her home without their knowledge, described by Dana’s mother as a relentless physical battle.

Her nightmare

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For 35 years, Dana Anhalt endured her body’s betrayal, unaware of the cause. Her GoFundMe story, shared by her mother, depicts a relentless physical struggle. From a sickly childhood to adulthood, undiagnosed symptoms haunted her, causing excruciating pain and limiting mobility. Even cherished passions like art became impossible due to neuropathy, leaving her bedridden and isolated.

In 2015 and 2016, her health worsened significantly. She was diagnosed with Common Variable Immunodeficiency (CVID), chronic Lyme disease, Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Despite these diagnoses, the root cause remained elusive. Suddenly, her body began reacting dangerously to her surroundings and medications. After numerous tests, the hidden truth behind Dana’s suffering was finally uncovered.

Black mold was the culprit.

Black Mold
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The source was black mold, secretly thriving in Dana’s home for years. While black mold presence in homes is ordinary, reactions are typically akin to allergies, unlike Dana’s severe ordeal. Yet, those with respiratory issues or immune weaknesses can face severe responses.

Dana’s genetic rarity led to a lack of detox from black mold, rendering her susceptible to Lyme and various environmental toxins. Her medications turned harmful as her body reached its limits.

Dana Anhalt and her glimmer of hope.

Black Mold
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Dana’s GoFundMe story inspired global support, leading to a successful fundraising campaign on With the necessary treatments, she’s embarking on a new chapter, though the campaign is now closed.

Upon commencing her healing journey, Dana promptly reciprocated the kindness she had received. Through the establishment of “Art Is Life,” she reignited her artistic passion while undergoing treatment. This fundraising platform showcases emerging artists by displaying their portfolios and artwork for sale. The proceeds from donations and sales contribute to Dana’s treatment funds. After her recovery, she intends to sustain the platform for fundraising in similar cases, viewing her revitalized life as a present to be shared generously. By merging art and compassion, Dana strives to perpetually offer newfound hope to others.

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