10 Symptoms That May Reveal Health Problems

Changes in your body that may reveal health problems you didn’t know

It’s hard to understand you may have a health problem just by simple, little things going the other way. For example, a scalloped tongue may indicate you have consumed too much salty food. On the other hand, it may reveal that the tongue is becoming larger than the jaw. However, Viral Strange will list 10 symptoms you may have in your daily life that can reveal health problems.

1. Dark circles


Dark circles come from lifestyle issues: not getting enough sleep or an unhealthy lifestyle.

2. Yellowing of the skin


The yellow color on the skin or eye whites is a common skin symptom of liver issues. Go see a doctor as soon as possible to prevent serious health complications.

3. Finger pain

Anete Lusina / Pexels

Thickened fingers can reveal health problems related to lungs, kidneys, or breast cancer. If you experience swelling on your fingers, go see a doctor ASAP!

4. Women’s hair growth in unusual places


Unusual hair growth around the chin or above the lips can be a symptom of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome: when ovaries grow because of a hormonal imbalance.

5. A pimple that doesn’t heal in time

Anna Nekrashevich / Pexels

If a pimple stays there for weeks, it might be a sign of basal cell carcinoma. Get it checked out.

6. Eyebrows getting thinner


Thinning eyebrows can be a sign of hypothyroidism. You might want to go have that check-up now.

7. Acne on the jawline area

Polina Tankilevitch / Pexels

Acnes along the jawline or in the chin can say a lot of a hormonal imbalance.

8. Thickening/Darkening of the skin


Thickened or darkened skin may be a sign of insulin resistance. This might lead to type 2 diabetes.

9. Black lines/ spots on nails


Dark vertical lines can be a sign of melanoma unless you might have hurt your finger somewhere.

10. A scalloped tongue

Léo Vinícius / Pexels, Cleo Vergara / Pexels

A scalloped tongue means that it’s becoming larger than the lower jaw. This condition is caused by swelling. Swelling may happen from many things. For example, you have eaten salty food often.

Do you have any of these symptoms? Have you seen a doctor, or have you taken care of them yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. drs. hate people looking up stuff on web md etc. people see the website symptoms like a line on your finger nail or fat tounge etc. you go to his or her office with a diagnosis before he even takes a blood test. he asks how do you know you have loopus poopus? the person says i looked it up on the internet. he says don’t look up stuff at web md. lol

  2. I think my toes and foot pads are swollen. Not sure. Really red on bottom n constant numbness. Have very bad sciatica. Can hardly walk. I don’t know what to do and the doctors don’t seem to know either, why? I’m also a little diabetic type 2. Bad disc problems in lower back. Should I get back surgery or not. Doctors say no except for a surgeon.

    • My ring finger and pinky finger on my right hand stays numb all the time and will tingle sometimes. I had carpal tunnel surgery, thats where they cut a tendon that can put pressure on the veins under it that run from your wrist to fingers. The doctor told me that it may have to cut again on that hand. It feels the same as when my brother would hold my wrist tight and let it go as he mimicked pulling a string out of my hand…lol…stupid stuff we did as kids. You may ask your doctor about carpal tunnel seriously. My carpal tunnel was causing issues with alot of stuff like drying my hair, holding a phone to my ear, and working which I did alot of typing, which is really weird feeling when you can’t feel your fingers. Hope this helps..😊

    • That can happen with poor circulation. But most often I find that has to do with holding your phone in one position for too long or too tightly. Try taking more of a break from it. And then when you’re done laughing (because I wouldn’t do that one either), try to switch up your hand position every once in a while.

      Take a moment to shake your hand like you are doing the hokey-pokey or jazz hands, just to loosen up any cramping and get some better blood flow to those parts of your hand.

      And then I know it sounds silly, but if you spend a lot of time on your phone like I do, get one of those device holders/mounts that loop around your neck and do most of the work of holding up your phone. (Example linked below.) Sometimes using a stylus instead of your finger to type can help here, too. Good luck!

    • When this was happening to me I had nerve damage in my shoulder, neck, blow, wrist and hand. And sort of back injury can cause these sorts of symptoms in your hands, arms, legs and feet. See a doctor asap

    • You may have a nerve compression due bending your elbow with your lower arm against your upper arm. Try keeping your arm straight, even sleeping, and if this doesn’t correct, see your primary care physician.

    • Also could be early signs of “cubital tunnel syndrome” – like carpal tunnel but rooted in your elbow instead. Talk to your doctor and they may recommend having a nerve conduction test done to see if that’s the culprit.

        • Me too. Dr tried to talk me into surgery but instead I asked for diagnosis in writing as I wanted a second opinion. In writing she recommended wearing a brace at night, it cleared up after a few weeks. Always get diagnosis in writing when surgery is being pushed. Unless you have an emergency like an abscess on your gallbladder or an aneurysm…

  3. What do one do when an issue that’s been treated with no results keeps persisting but yr doctor doesnt seem to think its serious!
    However you are very concerned!

    • Do you have heart issues or lung issues? If no, make an appointment to see your primary care doctor. In the mean time watch your sodium intake, salt use, sodas, and drinks or food high in sodium. It’s most likely high blood pressure.

    • This happens to me as well. An allergist told me it’s a form of hive. He said it’s mostly diagnosed in ppl that work in construction etc. Ice packs, loose clothing, breathable footwear & allergy medicine is the only things that help it.

  4. What would you say this. ..
    I have a catheter and every time my body tries to pee it causes me extreme burning like there’s a torch in my bladder my whole body tenses and gets very hot. Then there’s blue sediment coming out of bladder with chunks of stringy blood and green pee. I’m honestly terrified

  5. I’ve had a really bad sinus infection long time ago.. I couldn’t look at ANY lights, had to be dark.. used to work at Moncton Sunrise Hub Meat Packers, ended up getting a bacterial infection in my sinuses.. which caused me to develop a hole in my sinuses.. hurt way worst than my Aneurysm.. which was just a bad headache.. laid down, and awoken in a hospital bed.. this was 2007.. (Aneurysm)
    My sinuses infection was early 2000
    My older cousin had to go into my apartment and carry me to the DR’S..
    I wanted to die.. had asked my ex to kill me.. it scared her.. she called my mom! Crazy times!

  6. I smell gasoline that is not there. It does come and go. No medications, no illness, no history of same. No changes in detergent, food, cosmetics. What could it be?

    • You have an infection or a really bad cold caused this mucus which also reflect an infections. It gets over with antibiotics and injectable antibiotics, usually tje infections it s not in the lungs but in the nose or somewhere in respiratory ways

    • I had that on my little toe & I got amputated above the knee now mine started from a brown recruse spider & just kept going from there see a doctor as soon as possible please 🥺 that’s worry some god bless y’all

    • 🙂Hello!
      It usually means you have a sinus infection, upper respiratory infection, cold, possibly allergies or sinusitis.

      I already knew the info, but you can go online & get more detailed info. Search thick cloudy green mucus when blowing your nose. I copied a few things below & a link that explains each color of mucus.
      Feel better!

      While nasal discharge that is yellow, green or brown can be a sign of an infection of the upper respiratory tract, in the vast majority of instances the infection is caused by a common cold virus and will get better on its own within seven to ten days

      During a sinus infection, however, your sinuses become swollen and potentially congested. This can trap mucus and all that it has filtered from the air, which can, in turn, lead to some rather unpleasant odors

    • Probably a sinus infection. Get one of those navage nasal cleaners. Or a medipot. And get some peppermint oil and put it around your nasal opening a few times a day and at night before bedtime. It’s a great antibacterial/viral tool. Plus it’s keeps colds away. I had green gunk around 4 yrs ago. And this is what I did to get rid of it. I also added 1.5 tsp of hydrogen peroxide in the beginning to my medipot. Rinsed maybe 3 times a day. Got a navage now and you can see all the gunk from your nasal cavity in the reservoir. They do work.

    • I had that, it turned out that I had Nasal Polyps, I went to hospital and had them laser off while unconscious and they grew back, Polyps make my life a living hell, my nose is ALWAYS BLOCKED, I suffer from sleep deprivation and I’ve lost 100% of the ability to smell anything (Not even smelling salts) I hope you don’t have polyps, They ruin youre life