Women Who Are Grateful For Every Pound They Put On

Stories of very grateful women that have worked out hard to put on weight while they were fighting eating disorders

Each one of us is fighting our own battles. Some of us are trying to lose some pounds and feel better. Some others are trying to gain some weight and feel better. Today, Viral Strange will show some inspiring stories of women who have put on weight and feel so grateful because of it.

1. Hayley Harris

Hayley Harris wanted to get slimmer, just like those models on magazines. She started blogging about her journey while recovering in the hospital from an eating disorder. Hayley says that her followers kept her motivated to go through her recovery.


2. Courtney Black

Courtney Black worked as a fitness model when she started cutting her food intake to get thinner. Therefore, she had to go to the hospital. After treatment, Courtney began to consume more calories, and now she is a successful fitness coach.

3. Megan Jayne Crabbe

Megan Jayne Crabbe was never satisfied with her body from an early age. Today Megan embraces her body and advocates the idea that there’s no such thing as a woman who isn’t beautiful.

4. Margherita Barbieri


Margherita Barbieri began to starve herself because of several refusals at dance casting sessions. Today she says that she loves her body and that her health is more important than anything else.

5. Aroosha Nekonam


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After finishing college, Aroosha decided to go on a diet, where she starved herself to get thinner. Now she is a successful fitness blogger, a personal coach, and most important – healthy.

6. Connie Inglis


Connie Inglis has been suffering for the last ten years from anorexia. She set up an Instagram account, and she writes about her journey and new eating habits she’s trying to practice.

Have you or anyone you know suffered from an eating disorder? What do you think is the best advice for anyone going through with it?


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  1. The best advice I know helps for some is to remind yourself it’s better to be Abit overweight with more nutrition fuel for your body needs rather than to be “currect BMI” weight or possible underweight and not giving your body the nutrition it needs to stay alive.. also beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and true beauty comes from within areselves and beauty’s in the eye of the beholder!! Which means we’re all beautiful in someone’s eye out there it really just depends on who you ask. I mean my idea of handsome or beautiful is completely different from some people that I know because we all have different traits and views or things we look at and think that’s a good and/or bad trait about someone…. That’s why you gotta learn to love yourself even if your not your ideal image or person.. we are all perfectly imperfect and flawed but we all grow and learn and are all unique