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    15+ People Photoshopping Their Lives Full of Lies

    Indeed, without a doubt, you know what Photoshop is. and what you can do with this program! The advantage of photoshop can be used in graphic design, web designing, digital art and etc… But sometimes people use it to make pictures to unbelievable level, and today we’re going to show you some people from Tinder […] More

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    27 People Whos Selfies Didn’t End Well

    Selfie – those pictures all Social Media Nowadays. Sometimes they are annoying, sometimes they can be funny. The ones we from Viral Strange will show you in this article are something else, funny ones but also complete train wrecks. Enjoy! #1 “Went in for the photo and got a rabies shot” #2 Well, I guess […] More

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    An Artist Illustrates the Fun and Challenging Side of Being a Mom

    Being a mom is one of the most underrated jobs in the whole world. You don’t get to have a day-off. Every day is a challenging one to fulfill your duties and responsibilities. You don’t have the option to be tired because your family is rooting for you. You do not get to complain because […] More

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    If You Are Single This Valentine’s Day, read this

    To someone single this Valentine’s Day, It is okay if you are single this Valentine’s Day. It is okay if you will be treating it like any other day. It does not make you anything less if you want to be alone on that day. You do not have to force any relationship for you […] More

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    16 Unspoken Rules of Love That You Should Follow

    Love is about taking risks. Love whoever you want to love. It is about pursuing someone who makes your day filled with genuine happiness. Being in a relationship means doing things that will make you gain mutual love and respect. But what are the unspoken rules of love that you have to follow for you […] More

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    25 Things You Have to Consider Doing Before Getting Married

    Getting married is not as easy and as romantic as those you see in movies. It entails a lot of responsibility along the way. You have to be ready for everything if you decide to pursue a marriage life. You do not have to rush anything because you might have tons of regrets in the […] More

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    Year of the Metal Ox: What Does Your Zodiac Sign Say?

    2020 was a hell of a ride for every one of us. Our plans got canceled because of the ongoing pandemic. It was a difficult year for everyone, but we are still beaming hope that the year 2021 will be a better one. Are you curious about how your life will turn out this year […] More

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    10 Things That You Have to Do Before Engaging in a Relationship

    Being in a relationship takes maturity and a lot of patience. You can’t love someone, and that is the end of it. It takes a lot of sacrifices and more. You have to lessen their burdens at some point too. What do you have to do before you commit yourself to someone? Here at Viral […] More

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    10 Tips on How to Make the Year 2021 a Great One

    Days from now, and we will be officially welcoming the year 2021. This year was surely full of surprises and challenges because of the pandemic that changed how we connect to the world. There might be some misses this year, but we have to move forward despite everything. We must grow, be stronger, and braver […] More

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    The Reality of Life as Portrayed by Humorous Illustrations (30 Pics)

    Art is something that should speak your truth. But in today’s digital world, it is also important that it speaks for the people. It should be something relatable, eye-catchy, and pokes fun. Andrés Colmenares (, an artist, creates humorous and cartoonish works that elicit feel-good feeling in his followers. Here at Viral Strange, we collected […] More

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    12 Obvious Signs You Should Consider in Quitting Your Job

    Working in a corporate setting can be both challenging and draining. There are days that you wanted to quit because you feel like you deserve so much better. There are also times that you wanted to stay because you love some of the people around you. What are the signs that can tell that it is the right time […] More

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