Red-Wing Blackbird Creates Stunning Vortex Rings

Watch as the red-wing blackbird crafts mesmerizing vortex rings in flight. Nature’s beauty in motion! See more!

Red-wing blackbird, a robin-sized bird celebrated for its crimson shoulder markings and distinctive throaty song, was the subject of photographer Kathrin Swoboda‘s lens in Huntley Meadows Park, Virginia.

Swoboda ventured to this wildlife-rich island, a haven for nature photographers, where she skillfully captured moments of the bird “forming smoke rings with his Spring song.”

“Specifically, I wanted to photograph their breath, which when expelled would condense in the cold air,” said Swoboda for My Modern Met.

Luckily, Swoboda came across an ideal subject: a lively blackbird with a loud call. As he enthusiastically sought a potential mate, the bird astonishingly created smoke rings in its spring song.


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Thanks to the chilly morning air and clever use of the morning sun for backlighting, Swoboda successfully documented this captivating moment in two remarkable photographs. One of these photos earned him the prestigious grand prize at this year’s Audubon Photography Awards.

Red-Wing Blackbird

Other interesting pictures of red-wing blackbird


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“Males are black with red shoulder patch that is sometimes concealed. Males have rusty feather edges in the winter. Females are streaked brown and often confused with sparrows. Look for long, sharply pointed bill. Often in flocks, especially in winter. Visits feeders. Breeds in marshes and scrubby, wet fields. Distinctive song, especially as migrants arrive in early spring.”


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