21 Mysterious Yet Fascinating Nature Things

Nature has her way of creating miraculous things.

Nature always ceases to amaze us. It has its own way of doing things, and sometimes it looks like the miracles keep wondering.

Viral Strange has collected 21 pictures showing mysterious and beautiful nature doings.

1. Little starfish with dreams of making it big one day

© SynChronNic / Reddit

2. My cat has a spiral on his side.

© d***tron5000 / Reddit

3. Triplets at 30 weeks

© missjacksonnn / Reddit

4. A basket star (Gorgonocephalus eucnemis)

© NOAA Photo Library / Flickr, © CC BY 2.0

5. Cross tide turns the beach into a chessboard

© flybyknight665 / Reddit

6. The color difference between the shaded and unshaded parts of my plant

© BaboonB***y / Reddit

7. The worm patterns on this fallen tree look like an aerial image of canyons and roads.

© aliocroc / Reddit

8. Two butterflies resting together look like a set of eyes

© Mimiconte / Reddit

9. This frog looks like it’s made of copper. Complete with oxidation. But it’s real.

© SlotherakOmega / Reddit

10. My friend’s hand after swimming

© muchomir / Reddit

11. The birthmark on my back looks like the UK

© T**tvanquisher4** / Reddit

12. My fingertips glow when touching this wall.

© G-KaiseR / Reddit

13. Moth laying eggs on the window

© R***l_Fungi / Reddit

14. Tadpole that was basically a frog, but with a tail

© GidgetGecko / Reddit

15. Parking lot paint job caught this leaf

© jfclt / Reddit

16. A cool pattern on this leaf

miraculous things
© elahhannah / Reddit

17. This dragonfly that landed on my fishing pole

© D***tcrp / Reddit

18. Sunlight through my Alocasia

© G**Freesince2003 / Reddit

19. This insect landed on me at work today.

© FindingProper / Reddit

20. Little squirrel reaches for the stars

© Neeerp / Reddit

21. My friend rolled around too much on the road trip blanket

miraculous things
© I-Need-Chapstick / Reddit

Which one is the most fascinating? Tell us in the comments.

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