18 Explanations About Things No One Has Seen

Things we wonder how can exist or where they are

Many things in this world we live in don’t make sense. I mean… Some things amaze us, and others leave us with a big question mark in our minds.

We think and wonder how certain things exist or where. Well…
Viral Strange has collected 18 things no one has seen… and their whereabouts.

1. This peeled Aloe vera leaf

© JoshPlaysUltimate / Reddit

2. The first flower that was grown in space

© nasa2explore / Flickr

3. Where your socks go

© brokhalis/ Imgur

4. A Van fitted with Caterpillar Tracks

© echo_zoo / Reddit

5. President Eisenhower’s handwritten teleprompter script (1945). He was the first president to use a teleprompter.

© Tomes2789 / Reddit

6. She’s cute in her way… meet my roommate’s chicken!

© sidssavvy / Reddit

7. I’ve never seen this in America.

© bippity_boppity_boo_ / Reddit

8. 1 Liter bottle before expansion.

© str4ight_shooter / Reddit

9. Sphinx statue from behind

10. Turkey: Catching magical sunsets in Cappadocia

© InterstellarTech / Reddit

11. The Rock as a soft man


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12. Vivid Auroras in Jupiter’s Atmosphere


13. Some of the collected different sands of the Sahara desert.

© OMG__Ponies / Reddit

14. This peeled raw egg

© Kataytay_14 / Reddit

15. The iconic picture

© Pete Souza /

16. Scanning and Printing a 3D Portrait of President Barack Obama

© Pete Souza /

17. Graduation photo

18. Highest pass in the mountains of Italy

Which one was more surprising? Tell us in the comments!


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