Woman makes “gross” discovery in her underwear drawer

As an Australian woman was organizing her belongings, she delved into her underwear drawer only to stumble upon an unexpected and disconcerting sight: nestled amidst the garments lay a surprising discovery—a family of newborn mice or rats.

Vicki, a mother residing in Brisbane, initially disregarded her dogs‘ agitated behavior directed towards the drawer, assuming it to be a passing oddity.

Little did she anticipate the revelation awaiting her the following morning. Upon awakening and preparing for her day, Vicki opened the drawer once more, only to be met with the astonishing sight of eight hairless newborns, their eyes tightly shut, huddled together on a blanket.

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Assessing their fragile state, Vicki estimated that these tiny creatures must have entered the world mere hours before her discovery, leaving her utterly perplexed as to how their mother gained access to the drawer.

Offering her account of the unusual event, Vicki’s daughter Phoebe recounted the bizarre scenario to Yahoo News Australia. Speculating on the circumstances surrounding the intrusion, Phoebe suggested that the dogs’ frenzied behavior may have inadvertently driven the mother of the newborns to seek refuge within the drawer, ultimately leading to the surprising find.

Seeking guidance and assistance, Vicki and Phoebe promptly transported the newborn critters to the veterinary clinic, carefully nestled within a shoebox.

Yet, even the seasoned professionals at the clinic were left scratching their heads in bewilderment, unable to provide a definitive explanation for the unlikely occurrence.

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