The Eerie Tale of Mel’s Hole in Washington

Discover the eerie tale of Mel’s Hole in Washington, a seemingly bottomless pit that has fascinated and perplexed many over the years.

On Mel Waters’s property in the scenic Manastash Ridge, Washington lies an unusual hole in the ground. Initially mistaken for a typical well, closer examination reveals it as a unique anomaly.


This hole, used by Mel and previous owners as a dumping ground, is filled with a variety of discarded items, from household waste to old appliances.


Over the years, the hole has transformed into a repository of history, holding remnants of different eras. Each item tells a story, reflecting the lives of those who have inhabited the land. This mysterious hole captivates the imagination of locals and visitors, sparking curiosity about its depths and the secrets it might conceal.

Despite its humble origins, the hole has gained a life of its own. It serves as a poignant reminder of the passage of time and the transient nature of human existence. For Mel Waters and others, the hole symbolizes how we leave our mark on the world, whether intentionally or not.


Next time you find yourself near Mel Waters’s property, take a moment to reflect on this enigmatic hole. Who knows what tales it might reveal to those daring enough to explore its depths?

Written by DADADEL

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