Monetress Washington, the Mom Who “Lived With That Huge Belly”

Meet Monetress Washington and read about her inspiring journey as a mom who embraced life with a huge belly. Learn more!

Monetress Washington, a woman heavily pregnant with triplets, surprised everyone by finding an unexpected purpose for her significantly swollen bump — too big to fit in her car. She updates us on her life during and after pregnancy. Explore her story through captivating photos.

Meet Monetress Washington

Monetress Washington
© tripletsmamaplus3 / TikTok

Monetress Washington, recognized as @tripletsmamaplus3 on social platforms, regularly provides insights into her vibrant life. Lately, her content centers around her eventful pregnancy experience.

In a recent TikTok post, Monetress captured a snapshot from her 33rd week of pregnancy. She disclosed that her fundal height, the measurement from the top of her uterus to the pubic bone, reached 20 inches, with an abdominal circumference measuring 51 inches.

“My baby girls arrived exactly 6 days later,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

© tripletsmamaplus3 / TikTok

Following the girls’ arrival, Monetress expressed overwhelming joy, declaring her family of eight now felt complete. The preceding miraculous events left her humbled and deeply blessed, as shared in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Monetress Washington
© tripletsmamaplus3 / TikTok

In a surprising twist, Monetress Washington showcased her sense of humor by creatively using her swollen bump. Through a lighthearted video, she demonstrated balancing a bowl of cereal on her belly, surprising and delighting everyone with her unexpected and playful approach.

Grinning broadly, Monetress Washington, mother of six savored her breakfast at 30 weeks pregnant.

© monetress / Instagram

The lighthearted video went viral, accumulating 151,900 views. Just three weeks later, Monetress Washington joyously welcomed Yuri, Bellamy, and Ciri.

Within the amusing TikTok, comments flooded in from viewers. One woman shared, “Cool, I did that when I was pregnant.” Another jestingly remarked, “Now I understand the perks of being pregnant.” A third exclaimed, “Girl, how did you handle such a massive belly? I had twins, and by the end, I felt like a blimp.”

Monetress Washington
© monetress / Instagram

With three children already in tow, the busy parent fearlessly chronicled her pregnancy on social media. Monetress Washington openly shared the challenges, confessing that her belly had grown to the point where driving became a struggle, almost touching the steering wheel. In her words, “I was too big to fit in my car.”

Motherhood, a challenging journey from pregnancy’s discomforts to labor, brings incomparable joy and boundless love amid trials, making it immensely rewarding.

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