Hilary Duff Eats Sushi While Pregnant, Receives a Lot of Critism

Hilary Duff faced criticism for sharing a video of herself eating sushi while pregnant, contrary to common pregnancy advice. The mixed reactions online focused on concerns about potential harm to her unborn child due to the risks associated with consuming raw or undercooked fish during pregnancy.

Hilary Duff shared on Instagram that she’s expecting her fourth child, posting a baby bump photo and expressing excitement. This marks her third child with husband Matthew Koma, and they already have two daughters. Duff’s pregnancy announcement garnered attention, and her boyfriend Koma also shared the news on his Instagram.

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However, controversy arose when Duff posted an Instagram video near sushi during her pregnancy. In the video, she and a friend toast while seated at a low table with sushi plates. Despite uncertainty about whether she ate raw fish, online critics expressed concern for the unborn baby’s well-being.

Some comments emphasized the common advice against pregnant women consuming sushi. Conversely, supporters defended Duff, suggesting she likely made informed choices regarding food safety during pregnancy.

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It’s generally advised to avoid sushi with raw or undercooked seafood during pregnancy due to potential harm to the baby. If you discover your pregnancy after consuming such sushi, it’s recommended to inform your doctor for guidance on safer food choices.

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Notably, Duff gained attention in the past for consuming her placenta in a smoothie, a practice she found surprisingly palatable. She even turned some placenta into ice cubes for her drinks.

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