5 Reasons Not To Touch Pregnant Women’s Bellies

A pregnant belly is all nice and cute until you cross a line.

We love a baby bump! It looks so cute, and the excitement of that living creature inside it…

Well, it might not be such a pleasure for the moms. Some pregnant women feel uncomfortable and violated.

Viral Strange will list five reasons not to touch a pregnant woman’s belly, even if you don’t mean to make them feel bad.

1. It makes them uncomfortable

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All that attention expecting women get during the pregnancy makes them feel more self-conscious about their changing bodies. Touching their belly might make them feel more uncomfortable than you think.

2. It violates their personal space

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I know you might feel excited to touch that belly all the time, maybe even hug it (weird). But… Hello! That belly belongs to the woman! I mean, give the woman some space! Do not harass her with unwanted touching, and do not violate her personal territory.

3. It could affect their mental health

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Welcome to the hormonal party! Yes… You read that right. The hormonal changes can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. So, do not contribute to their intrusion by touching a pregnant woman’s belly. You might kick a nerve or even make the symptoms worse!

4. You might not feel the baby moving or kicking anyway

You might need to keep your hands glued to her belly to feel a kick (DO NOT), but that doesn’t happen often. Yeah… You want to feel that baby kicking, but you will probably not.

5. It could even affect their physical health

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Imagine someone with flu touching a pregnant woman’s belly with their bare hands. In many cases, the germs will end up in her. That might negatively affect her physical health.

Have you ever felt uncomfortable when people touched your preggo belly? Tell us in the comments.

Written by Shko Faraj Agha

Adventures Pharmacist, Tech Influencer, Entrepreneur

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  1. I do understand why people feel the need to get touchy, however, me personally, I hate being touched. Especially by strangers. Most who know me know my signs of being uncomfortable when someone I don’t know is too close. So even if you feel you have to book the bump. Please don’t. He isn’t born yet but it’s my baby….

  2. I always put my hand on my daughter’s belly and talked to my grandbaby and it was awesome and when she had my granddaughter she started crying and I put my hand on her and said it’s ok my Jazzy Grandma’s here and she stopped crying…the nurse’s just looked at me…it was beautiful and Jazzy and me are so close she’s 23 and I’m 65…my angel face!!!!

    • Ppl that I didn’t want to touch me ues to that matter. But I had one co worker who always had long nails and I would almost beg her to rub my baby belly after I let her the first time I was so relaxed the baby was relaxed. Just the way she rubbed my belly felt like a soft massage. I wanted long nails so I could rub my belly like that. So I got em. Because I didn’t want her to go

  3. I don’t like it when people touch me without my being pregnant. When I was pregnant and someone tries to reach out to touch my belly I was outright hostile without a single f being given. Nobody seemed to understand that yeah, hello, it’s still my own body, and I wouldn’t let you touch the baby if it was here, either. Morons.

  4. I actually wrote a piece in the local paper about this when I was pregnant. I can’t understand why people think it’s ok to touch anyones belly. It’s intimate, uncomfortable and invading. Close friends and family is ok, even they would ask first. In my first pregnancy I went off 3 times, shouting off people that touched my bump… “my belly isn’t a freezone for the public!” Once I even said I was not pregnant, looking dead serious, just to set the awkward situation I myself already found it to be when a distant friend had her hands on my belly. Just don’t

  5. There was one time normally it didn’t bug me but when she reach and I felt that it bug me after she touch me I find that weird to me because I wouldn’t be bug but some reason that day it did lol