Mom Reunited With Her Son 35 Years After Adoption

Mom reunited with her son 35 years after putting him up for adoption. A touching story of love, loss, and reunion you won’t want to miss.

A mom reunited with her son, a 35-year-old veteran, surprising the biological mother who gave him up for adoption when she was just a teen. A touching story of love, loss, and reunion you won’t want to miss.

Mom Reunited With Her Son

It’s wonderful to have a strong relationship with your parents. Being close to them brings them immense joy as well. Parents cherish it when their children open up to them and treat them like best friends. Unfortunately, not all parents and children get to experience this bond.

Many children grow up without knowing their biological parents. Some never even get the chance to meet their moms or dads.

This experience is heartbreaking for the children and equally so for many parents. Most parents never wanted to be separated from their kids but were forced by difficult circumstances.

Stacey Faix faced this very situation.


At 15, she welcomed her first child into the world. Knowing her limitations at such a young age, she realized she wasn’t ready to raise a child.

Despite the heart-wrenching choice, Stacey Faix opted to give her son up for adoption. Tragically, she never even had the opportunity to cradle him at birth.

She resigned herself to the belief that she’d never embrace her child. Yet fate had a different plan in store.

The mom reunited with her son and discovered they shared a common interest.

Mom Reunited With Her Son

Both Stacey Faix and her son Stephen Strawn were passionate runners and members of the veteran support network Team Red, White, and Blue (RWB). Their shared love for running played a significant role in their reunion.

Stephen harbored a deep desire to meet his biological mother. Despite the challenges posed by Pennsylvania’s 2017 law granting adopted children access to information about their biological parents, he remained resolute. 


His determination paid off when he obtained information about his mother, including her name and state of residence. Serendipitously, both Stephen and his mother were registered to participate in a Pittsburgh Half Marathon through their respective RWB chapters. Stephen seized the opportunity to surprise his biological mother.

He enlisted the help of the Pittsburgh chapter of Team RWB, who agreed to join in the surprise for Stacey during an event they both cherished.

The special day was near.

Stephen’s plan unfolded seamlessly. His mother was stunned when she discovered a note hinting at his presence at the same event.

The note reads: It’s been 13,075 days since you last saw me. I didn’t want to make you wait one more.”

Stephen promptly arrived and was greeted with a heartfelt hug from Stacey Faix, who was visibly emotional. Without hesitation, Stacey enveloped her son, cherishing the moment as if it were their last.

Mom Reunited With Her Son

Stacey’s daughters, along with Stephen’s wifestood witness to the poignant reunion. Like everyone else present, the heartfelt moment stirred deep emotions within them.

Seizing the opportunity, Stacey Faix and Stephen engaged in an activity dear to their hearts, relishing the chance to do it together.


Their photos radiate pure joy, capturing the heartfelt reunion between them. Stephen’s meeting with his sisters adds another layer of happiness to the occasion.

Separated for 35 years, their reunion is a true blessing, reaffirming the power of love and connection.

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