22 Moments Of Joy That Are Captured Forever

A collection of photos that show what pure joy looks like

A moment is beautiful, but pure joy captured in a photo is timeless! Viral Strange has collected the pictures below that show happiness and moments of joy!

1. Meeting her dad for the first time

© bigK24 / reddit

2. Surfing for the first time

© chingchongcheng84 / reddit

3. Jumping when you’re not able to walk!

© Unknown / reddit

4. Having Tom Hanks at your wedding!

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5. Your dog’s puppy kindergarten graduation!

© FluttersFTW / Imgur

6. Walking using an exoskeleton

© therickles / reddit

7. Best gift ever!

© RIPJ4WZ / reddit

8. Son hears his father for the first time!

© STRINGER / Reuters

9. Grandparents celebrating!

© Unknown / imgur

10. Meeting her little brother

© tgreek88 / reddit

11. A student with Down syndrome was elected homecoming queen by her peers

© holyeffman / reddit

12. The feeling of being adopted and finally having a family

© k8marie_ / reddit

13. Beating cancer!

© xParadoxial / reddit

14. Enjoying autumn knows no age!

© polishprince76 / reddit

15. My corgi, bringing joy to an elderly man who she met this morning.

© corgimum / reddit

16. Fan of Tinkerbell!

© SimpleReminders / reddit

17. The joy of snuggling up to daddy

© doinmybest4now / reddit

18. The perks of having 2 dog sons!

© Sztefuto / reddit

19. A 101-year-old man enjoys landing at the London City Airport. Born before the invention of the airplane, he had never flown before.

© Kevin Lamarque / Reuters

20. A pit bull and his tiny friend

© Unknnown / reddit

21. We don’t need much to feel happy!

© Achoo_Gesundheit / reddit

22. This little newcomer meets older rescues at Arthur’s Acres Sanctuary.

© lnfinity / reddit

Which one do you like most? Share your ‘forever’ moments with us!

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