My Pregnant Ex Wanted to Give Baby Away, But I Took Control

Explore a journey of parental decision-making as a man navigates his pregnant ex’s consideration for adoption and takes charge.

A pregnant ex-girlfriend faced an unfair reality: their baby was considered for adoption despite having both biological parents able to provide love and care. Here’s how the young man turned the situation around, leading to a happy ending.

Tuilampo, a user on Reddit, sought legal advice from professionals regarding his complex situation. His girlfriend recently ended their relationship, adding to the drama was her pregnancy of three months. She informed him of her decision to put the baby up for adoption, asserting he had no say.

Despite her stance, the 20-year-old OP expressed a strong desire to be involved as a father. He questioned the legality of her decision without his consent and sought guidance on his rights in this matter.

After receiving numerous pieces of advice, the man’s journey took a dramatic turn.

Pregnant Ex
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Following the influx of helpful comments, he posted an update on his life, revealing that he promptly sought legal representation and registered himself accordingly.

Despite his pregnant ex’s initial resistance, persisting until the final month of her pregnancy, the man remained resolute about securing his parental rights. However, a surprising change of heart occurred as she opted to grant him full custody instead of pursuing adoption, leading to a resolution without legal entanglements.

The process of childbirth and custody unfolded smoothly for the young father, facilitated by his proactive lawyer and surprisingly cooperative ex-partner. Despite disapproval from her family, they could not intervene, leaving the man with sole custody of his baby daughter.

Becoming a single dad has been a heartwarming journey for this man.

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While he acknowledges the challenges of parenting alone, he finds immense fulfillment. Supported by his loving family, he ensures his daughter’s happiness.

Moreover, with a newfound sense of responsibility, he pursued a job promotion, despite initial rejection due to his age. Undeterred, he offered to prove his capability through a trial period, ultimately securing the position.

However, his ex received an unexpected shock.

Pregnant Ex
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Following legal advice, he pursued child support upon gaining full custody. His pregnant ex reacted less than amicably, resorting to insults. Despite her resistance, he remained composed, directing communication through his lawyer.

He emphasized the importance of securing his daughter’s future, intending to allocate the support towards her education, a privilege he didn’t have. His determination to provide her with opportunities reflects his unwavering commitment to her well-being.

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