Spanish Woman Adopts 32 Ugandan Kids, Transforms Their Lives

Follow the incredible journey of a Spanish woman who adopts 32 Ugandan kids, bringing transformation and hope to their lives.

A Spanish woman, María Galán, 26 years old, living in Uganda, stands as a beacon of hope. Her unwavering dedication and simple yet profound mantra—”every smile counts”—have transformed the lives of 32 children, showcasing that love knows no bounds.

A life-altering journey for the Spanish woman

Spanish Woman
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María, a Spanish native with a background in Economics and International Trade, embarked on a transformative journey to Uganda, driven by her lifelong passion for aiding vulnerable children.

Her mother’s teachings influenced this quest on the importance of charitable giving. María’s journey began in 2020 when she volunteered at an orphanage in Uganda.

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Unexpectedly, María’s planned visit turned into a life-altering experience. Stranded in Africa due to the global pandemic, she found herself deeply involved in the children’s day-to-day lives at the orphanage.

During this period, she received distressing news—the orphanage was on the brink of closure. Determined not to abandon the children she had grown to love, María decided to become the legal guardian of these 32 orphaned children, permanently changing their lives.

Spanish Woman
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María’s vision materialized into the Babies Uganda Foundation, an oasis for society’s most vulnerable members. Together with dedicated volunteer Maribel, María established a secure refuge for the children in Kikaya, Uganda, where necessities were often absent.

The Foundation, now in its tenth year, has expanded to include two orphanages, a school with nearly 600 preschool and primary students, a center for blind children, vocational training, a primary healthcare clinic, and a dental clinic.

What started as a modest effort to save an orphanage has become a multifaceted organization addressing various critical community needs.

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María’s dedication to her young charges extends far beyond meeting their essential requirements; it encompasses their complete development into independent, responsible adults.

Through job placement initiatives, she offers them the tools and self-assurance necessary to integrate into society and construct a brighter future.

Supporting the most vulnerable to discrimination

Spanish Woman
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Babies Uganda’s school for blind children is a cornerstone of their mission, offering a beacon of hope in a society where disability is frequently stigmatized.

María reveals that in Uganda, disability is a deeply taboo subject, often leading families to conceal their children with disabilities out of shame.

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Through the provision of education and assistance, Babies Uganda empowers these children to overcome social obstacles and forge a path towards a more promising future.

Living in Uganda was challenging for her.

Spanish Woman
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The society’s deep-seated sexism and cultural differences have often resulted in resistance and prejudice. Financing extensive projects requires consistent support, which María explains comes from monthly sponsors or book sales.

Their recently released book, The Life of Sami, offers real-life stories of Ugandan children, providing a glimpse into their world while raising funds for Babies Uganda’s initiatives.

Volunteers are essential, too, supplementing the organization’s efforts by contributing their time and skills to uplift the community.

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Despite these challenges, this Spanish woman emanates unwavering happiness. She finds purpose and fulfillment in her work at Kikaya, which she struggled to find in Spain. Her journey highlights the transformative power of compassion and the profound impact of individuals dedicated to making a difference.

María Galán’s story is a testament to love, resilience, and the human spirit. Her selflessness reminds us that even in adversity, kindness and compassion can light the way forward.

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