22 Pregnant Belly Bumps Turned Into Magnificent Art

A collection of pictures with bodypainting made on pregnant women’s belly bumps

Maternity photoshoots are special memories that last forever. Belly painting is a trend that many pregnant women choose to go for.

Heather Aguilera is a bodypainting artist who creates beautiful art on pregnant belly bumps!

Viral Strange has collected 22 pictures of women who have turned their belly bumps into magnificent works of art.

1. Feel the love!

2. Sweet sister surprise!

3. Baby in a bed of roses

4. Yin and Yang twins

5. Sea Turtle Chambered Nautilus mandala

6. The purity of life birthing life!

7. MoonBelly

8. For the love of Life!

9. Everything is beautiful at its fullest and ripest!

10. Cute tigers

11. Sacred Life!

12. Capturing the beauty of the Gentle Giants!

13. St Augustine Lighthouse historic and Estuary!

14. Springtime brings new life in all shapes and sizes!

15. Born with wings of nature… The winged rose!

16. Agave

17. Mandala

18. Living in a bed of ROSES!

19. Feather Mandala

20. “Grow your Tribe and spread the LOVE Vibe!”

21. LOVE and ROSES!

22. What brings mommy peace brings baby peace

Have you tried this art on your belly while pregnant? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

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