Woman makes terrifying discovery after daughter claimed she heard ‘monsters’ in the walls

What was initially thought to be her daughter’s imagination running wild turned out to be a much more alarming reality for one mother.

The woman discovered that the noise her daughter described as ‘monsters’ coming from the walls was far worse than she had ever imagined. She documented the shocking revelation in a video on TikTok, which quickly went viral.

The video has garnered over 9.1 million views, leaving viewers deeply disturbed by the true source of the noise. Ashley, known as @classashley on TikTok, captioned the clip: “What nightmares are made of.”


The video begins with a thermal camera image of her daughter’s bedroom wall, showing a large orange area that indicated heat was being emitted from behind the wall. When the thermal filter is removed and the wall is stripped away, it reveals a large hole filled with approximately 50,000 honeybees. The scene is reminiscent of a horror film.

In the clip, Ashley wrote: “When your daughter has been hearing ‘monsters’ in the walls. Turns out it was 50,000 bees buzzing.”

For those with melissophobia or apiphobia, the sight was enough to induce shivers, but many viewers were intrigued and requested follow-up videos to chronicle the bee saga.

Ashley complied, adding ‘Saver of bees’ to her TikTok bio in recognition of her efforts to not only clear the bees but to save them as well.

On the first day, she shared: “Beekeeper removed 20,000 bees and 100+ lbs (45kg) of honeycomb from the wall. He found the queen and is able to safely take the hive to a new home.”

On the second day, she explained that another 20,000 bees were rescued, and the expert sealed the wall off to prevent any further incidents of stinging within the house.

Written by Telha

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