Bought coffee at the airport, 21 year old left fighting for her life

A young woman found herself hospitalized following an alarming incident involving coffee purchased from an airport vending machine.

Identified as a 21-year-old employee of an airline company, she acquired the beverage from a vending machine situated within Son Sant Joan airport, located in close proximity to the bustling city of Palma, Majorca.

As she began sipping the hot drink, she immediately detected an unpleasant, rancid taste, prompting a closer inspection. To her horror, she discovered a multitude of insects swirling within the cup, as recounted by Ultima Hora.


A harrowing image circulating on social media portrays the distressing sight of at least seven small black bugs adhered to the interior of the orange and white cup, accentuating the severity of the situation.

The traumatic event unfolded on a Monday, specifically April 22, propelling the woman into a state of anaphylactic shock. Her reaction was swift and severe, as her facial features swelled, and her throat constricted, impeding her ability to breathe. Additionally, she experienced pronounced swelling across her skin, exacerbating her distress.

Prompt intervention by airport personnel ensued, as they promptly administered an adrenaline shot and other necessary medications before transferring her to a hospital.

Subsequently, she endured an agonizing 36-hour ordeal within the confines of the intensive care unit, finally being discharged on Wednesday, April 23.

“When I arrived at the ICU, they told my boyfriend: ‘Be thankful that a body hasn’t arrived,'” she candidly told the Spanish news outlet.

The woman spoke to Ultima Hora about the terrifying event and said she had a “bad time seeing myself alone, with all those tubes,” referring to her time in the hospital.

She also alleged that the first thing she did when she spotted the flies in her cup was call Deli Corner – the coffee company.

Consequently, the vending machine implicated in the shocking incident was promptly shut down, signaling a decisive response to the grave lapse in hygiene and safety standards.

Furthermore, an official inquiry was initiated by airport authorities, with the vending machine company summoned to conduct a comprehensive inspection of their devices.

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