Pilot: The reason why passengers should not be scared of unnerving turbulence

In a TikTok video with 3.6 million views, a Dutch pilot reassured passengers that turbulence is a natural part of flying and doesn’t indicate any issues with the plane, urging them not to be scared.

The perception of turbulence as a precursor to an aviation apocalypse is debunked by a reassuring Dutch pilot, whose insights provided solace to anxious passengers in a TikTok video hosted on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ official account, amassing a substantial 3.6 million views.

Contrary to popular belief, he emphasizes, “Turbulence is a natural part of flying, and it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the plane,” urging passengers not to succumb to fear.

TikTok / KLM

Delving deeper into the mechanics of flight, the pilot elucidates that turbulence arises from the dynamic interplay of air masses with disparate temperatures, wind speeds, and directions encountered during flight.

These variations in air density precipitate changes in the flow of air around the aircraft, resulting in the discernible bumps and shakes experienced by passengers.

By demystifying turbulence as a benign consequence of atmospheric dynamics, the pilot seeks to empower passengers with a newfound understanding and alleviate their apprehensions about this commonplace yet often disconcerting aspect of air travel.

TikTok / KLM

“As the airplane flies, it’s encountering different air masses with varying temperatures, with wind speeds and directions,” the pilot described. “These air masses lead to different pockets of densities, leading to turbulence.

“When the airplane flies through these pockets, it can experience certain bumps and shakes,” he said

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