Report: Pilots fell asleep mid-flight with 157 people on board

Two Indonesian pilots were suspended after falling asleep mid-flight, leaving the plane off course, fortunately without any harm to passengers or the aircraft.

Have you ever nodded off while working? If your job isn’t too critical, like being a sales rep for Bud Lite or a politician, you might get away with it. But if you’re a pilot, it’s a different story.


Two Indonesian pilots recently got suspended for falling asleep at the controls and steering a large passenger jet in the wrong direction. Surprisingly, they weren’t under the influence of alcohol, hungover, or mentally ill – just extremely exhausted.

During a Batik Air flight from Kendari to Jakarta, the co-pilot, feeling the effects of sleep deprivation from moving house and caring for newborn twins, informed the pilot of his exhaustion.


The pilot then decided to take a nap, leaving the co-pilot in charge. However, both ended up dozing off, causing the plane to veer off course. Air traffic control struggled to wake them, and the situation only resolved when the captain finally awoke.


Fortunately, none of the 157 passengers were harmed, and the aircraft remained intact. It could have been much worse, especially if they were piloting a Boeing.

Written by Telha

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