Pilot in Colombia captures “The best UFO footage ever”

Pilot Jorge A. Arteaga has captured what many are calling ‘the best UFO footage ever’ over Antioquia, Colombia. The authenticity of the footage has been confirmed.

Jorge A. Arteaga, a pilot, has stirred intrigue with his recent account of encountering an unidentified flying object (UFO) over Antioquia, Colombia. According to Arteaga, the object he observed did not conform to any familiar aerial devices such as balloons or drones. As he carefully documented the event, he noticed subtle movements from the object, prompting him to adjust the aircraft’s trajectory in an attempt to maintain visual contact.

As Arteaga continued to observe the UFO, his initial curiosity morphed into a sense of trepidation as the object appeared to alter its course and move closer to his aircraft. Arteaga’s apprehension was heightened by the realization that the object’s behavior defied conventional explanations and raised questions about its origin and intentions.


Upon reflection, Arteaga dismissed the possibility of the object being a balloon, emphasizing the absence of disruption caused by the aircraft’s wake and the unfavorable environmental conditions for balloon flight at the reported altitude of 12,500 feet and temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. Additionally, he ruled out the likelihood of it being a solar or helium balloon due to these factors.

Arteaga’s encounter has sparked widespread interest and speculation, with many eager to analyze the footage captured during the event. As experts and enthusiasts alike delve into the details of Arteaga’s account, the mystery surrounding the Antioquia UFO only deepens, leaving observers intrigued and captivated by the possibility of encountering extraterrestrial phenomena.

Written by Telha

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