Passenger dies mid flight after “spitting up liters of blood”!

Last week, a Lufthansa German Airlines passenger tragically passed away on a flight from Bangkok to Munich after reportedly spitting up “liters” of blood, as reported by Swiss media.

An airline representative stated that despite the efforts of flight crew and a doctor onboard, a passenger tragically passed away midflight, prompting the plane to divert back to its departure point approximately ninety minutes after takeoff. Passengers aboard flight LH773 recounted the distressing events leading up to the demise of the 63-year-old traveler.


Karin Missfelder, a 55-year-old nursing specialist among the passengers, recounted observing concerning symptoms in the passenger seated ahead of her. “He had cold sweats, was breathing excessively, and appeared apathetic,” she remarked. A 30-year-old Polish doctor onboard assessed the passenger’s condition, following which he was offered chamomile tea, only to begin spitting blood into a bag held by his wife. Reports indicated that the passenger had expelled “liters” of blood, prompting a harrowing scene aboard the aircraft.


Missfelder described the atmosphere as one of sheer horror, with passengers reacting in panic. Despite flight attendants’ efforts to revive the passenger for thirty minutes, their attempts were ultimately unsuccessful. According to data from flightradar24, the flight departed Bangkok International Airport shortly after midnight before ultimately reversing its course.


Following the incident, passengers aboard the disrupted flight were accommodated on alternative flights by Lufthansa.

Written by Telha

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