Tragic! Girl dies after collapsing on stage during her graduation

A teenager has died after collapsing at her high school graduation.

Sienna Stewart, 18, was attending her graduation at Hiram High School in Georgia when she fell unconscious during the ceremony. Following the incident, Sienna regained consciousness and asked her mom to let her walk across the stage.


In photos, she can be seen smiling and shaking the hand of one of the school officials. But tragically, just weeks after the event, Sienna’s mom, Saevon Chum, confirmed that her daughter had passed away after a second collapse.

Saevon explained that her daughter was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy at the age of four.

Sienna had been able to get a heart transplant when she was eight, but in April this year, she was diagnosed with heart failure.


”Her heart transplant heart was getting sick. It was getting weak and slowing down,” said Saevon, explaining this had led to her daughter falling unwell at the ceremony. “When I got there, the ambulance was already there. She had collapsed. She had had another episode. But this was the first time she collapsed unconscious.”


Saevon explained that her daughter had begged to walk across the stage despite collapsing just moments earlier.

“All she could tell me is, ‘I just want to graduate, I want to walk.’ That’s all she wanted, because she already missed her prom, because before then she was in the hospital and missed her senior prom,” the heartbroken mom explained.

Tragically, just two weeks later, Sienna collapsed again.

“You’re just holding your daughter, your child, and you have to do that 911 call not knowing if your daughter’s going to wake up or not,” said Saevon.

A few days later, Sienna sadly passed away in the hospital.

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