Gym girls fight over leg press machine, one end up with her finger bit off

A dispute over gym equipment in Mexico took a violent turn when one woman bit off another’s finger.

In a disturbing incident, a confrontation arose between gym attendees Rossana and Leticia at the Gimnasio Great Fitness workout center.

Rossana accused Leticia of hogging the leg press machine for an excessive amount of time.


Security footage captured the moment when Leticia, aged 66, confronted Rossana, 44, resulting in a physical altercation. Rossana seized Leticia by the hair, dragging her across the floor while shocked onlookers attempted unsuccessfully to intervene.

In the midst of the scuffle, Leticia bit off a portion of Rossana’s finger. It wasn’t until later, while being consoled by a bystander, that Rossana realized the extent of her injury. Overwhelmed, she collapsed to the floor, prompting gym staff to provide assistance with a towel and what appeared to be medical supplies.

Photographs taken post-incident revealed Rossana’s right hand missing the tip of her last finger, which was recovered and preserved as evidence in a plastic bag, complete with its distinctive red nail polish.

Law enforcement promptly apprehended both women, leading to the cancellation of their gym memberships. Leticia faces charges of assault, while Rossana is left to recuperate from her injuries. The outcome regarding the potential reattachment of the severed finger remains uncertain nendina medical

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