Pregnant fitness influencer kicked out of gym by owner’s wife

Emi Romero, a US influencer who is five months pregnant, claimed she was “dress coded” at her gym for wearing leggings with a tank top, despite the outfit not violating the gym’s policy.

A woman has recounted her experience of being ejected from her gym after the owner’s wife objected to her outfit, deeming it too revealing. Emi Romero, a US influencer who is five months pregnant, claimed she was “dress coded” at the bodybuilding facility she recently joined for wearing leggings paired with a tank top.

Although Romero was aware of the gym’s policy prohibiting women from exercising in just sports bras, she maintained that her outfit did not violate this rule. However, the tank top she wore, which did not expose her stomach, appeared to be too revealing for the owner’s wife.

TikTok / @emiandandrew

In a TikTok video filmed in her car outside the gym, Romero described how she noticed the owner’s wife “staring” at her while she worked out, eventually approaching her and demanding she cover up.

Despite explaining to the owner that she was not wearing a sports bra, Romero was told that she would have to leave or put on an additional top. Feeling embarrassed by the situation, she pointed out that other women in the gym were wearing similarly revealing attire, and that the gym displayed photos of competitors in minimal clothing.

TikTok / @emiandandrew

The conversation ended with the gym owner suggesting that his facility was not the right fit for Romero. She agreed, stating that she did not want to work out in an environment where she felt uncomfortable. The incident left Romero feeling shocked, and she later shared a video of her outfit once she returned home.

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