Gym Mistakes to Avoid

Gym mistakes can be costly for your workout routine. You should avoid some positions you might be doing wrong if you want to see gains.

Gym mistakes can be costly for your workout routine. With so many things to keep in mind before, during, and after exercising, it’s easy to overlook important details. For instance, forgetting to do a proper warm-up can result in potential injuries, and wearing the wrong shoes can impact your performance. Essentially, joining a gym requires ample research and preparation beforehand.

Viral Strange will list 7 gym mistakes to avoid if you want to achieve gains.

1. Wrong foot pressure for squats

Gym Mistakes

To perform squats correctly, you need to focus on three key pressure points on your foot. These pressure points are located just before your big toe, just before your little toe, and your heel. If you’re having difficulty in determining whether you’re applying the correct pressure on these points, taking your shoes off can be helpful. Going barefoot will allow you to feel the pressure more accurately, transferring from the ground straight to your feet.

2. Wrong shoes on leg day

When it comes to weightlifting, weightlifting shoes are undoubtedly the best option, commonly used by professional athletes. However, if you are unable to afford them or don’t have access to them, flat-sole shoes can be a decent substitute. Barefoot weightlifting has also gained popularity as it aids in maintaining balance and stability. Nevertheless, it is not advisable to wear running shoes for weightlifting as their gel or air-based sole will not provide enough support for a balanced footing. Although they are suitable for walking and running, they are not ideal for weightlifting.

3. Wrong bench grip

Gym Mistakes

The bench grip has 6 variations, but one is hazardous due to the placement of your thumb under the barbell. With this technique, the bar is prone to slipping and hitting your chest or face, resulting in injuries. Even though this grip has some benefits, it is recommended that you avoid it. However, you may select a comfortable grip, either close, medium or wide, depending on which muscle group you want to target. Additionally, you may experiment with the reverse grip and neutral grip, which are suitable for the Swiss bar.

4. Doing pull-ups the wrong way

To avoid a shoulder rotator injury, it is crucial not to let your shoulders roll forward and your chin above the handle while performing this exercise. Rather than that, try to reach the handle with your chest and maintain a nice curve to your back, which will keep your shoulders back and chin at the level of the handle. Focusing on keeping your shoulders back and chest forward will prevent excessive strain on the shoulder area.

5. Wrong posture while planking

Gym Mistakes

Included in most exercise programs, planking is a love-hate exercise. One of the mistakes that can be made during planking is keeping your buttocks elevated and your belly drooping. Often, this is accompanied by lifting your head and looking upwards, rather than downwards. To maintain proper posture, it is essential to keep your head down, avoid arching your back, and tuck in your buttocks a little while squeezing your glutes, as arching your back can put excessive pressure on your spine.

6. Wrong position for lateral raises

To achieve proper form while weightlifting, avoid the misconception that your body and arms should be completely straight. It is advised to maintain flexed elbows between 20-30 degrees and limit lifting weights above shoulder level. Additionally, maintain flexible knees and a slightly tilted torso. Steer clear of lifting weights close to your head or over your shoulders, as this can result in negative outcomes. For optimal results, incorporate brief pauses at the peak of the movement to switch the focus from your upper back’s trapezius muscles to your shoulders.

7. Doing push-ups the wrong way

Gym Mistakes

One of the most well-known exercises in fitness is often performed incorrectly, leading to injuries. Keeping your arms too far away from your body is the most common mistake, leading to unnecessary stress on your muscles and joints. The recommended elbow placement for this exercise is at a 45-degree angle from your torso to avoid injury and achieve optimal results.

Have done any of these gym mistakes? Have you suffered injuries because of them? Let us know in the comments.

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