Gym attendance falls, Ozempic is making people vomit during workouts

In 2024, fewer Americans are going to the gym, with trainers attributing this trend to medications like Ozempic, which, despite aiding rapid weight loss, are also causing adverse effects during exercise.

A 28-year-old individual employed in the public relations field recently confided in The Post about experiencing episodes of vomiting while at the gym since commencing a new medication regimen.


Recounting her ordeal, she shared, “Fortunately, the trash can was within reach,” expressing gratitude for the convenient disposal option. Preferring anonymity due to the embarrassing nature of her experience, the resident of the Upper East Side revealed that both instances of vomiting occurred during her routine workout sessions, which she had faithfully adhered to for the past two years prior to starting the medication.

However, with the introduction of Mounjaro into her regimen, even moderate cardio exercises proved overwhelming, pushing her to the brink of nausea.


The occurrence of such incidents sheds light on the concerning trend observed in gym attendance nationwide, as foot traffic at fitness facilities has stagnated for the first time in three years. This departure from the typical January surge in gym attendance, fueled by individuals resolving to pursue healthier lifestyles in the new year, marks a notable deviation from the upward trajectory witnessed in previous years.


Analysis of location data from, tracking attendance patterns across 10 major gym chains, reveals that gym attendance experienced a remarkable 40% surge nationally in both 2022 and 2023. However, the momentum appears to have stalled this year, leaving gym owners and industry analysts perplexed about the underlying factors contributing to this unexpected plateau.

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