Flight attendant: Three major mistakes you’re making when you book plane tickets

As summer approaches, it’s wise to take steps to ensure your travel plans proceed smoothly.

Anticipating a vacation is thrilling, but encountering setbacks before reaching your destination can be incredibly frustrating. It’s even more disheartening when complications arise before departing the country or while navigating the airport. Such mishaps can easily sour the beginning of your trip.


To help travelers avoid common pitfalls, a flight attendant named Caroline, known on Instagram as @xoblondevoyage, has shared insightful advice on social media. In a brief video originally posted in 2022, she highlights three common mistakes and offers simple solutions for smoother travels.

1. Overlooking layover times: Ensure you consider layover durations when planning your itinerary to avoid rushed connections or extended waiting periods.

2. Opting for evening flights over early ones: Booking early flights can provide several advantages, including fewer delays and disruptions, maximizing your time at your destination.

3. Failing to utilize the airline’s app: Take advantage of the airline’s mobile app for convenient access to flight updates, boarding passes, and other essential information, streamlining your travel experience.

As the holiday season approaches, revisiting Caroline’s advice can help travelers embark on their vacations with greater ease and peace of mind.

Written by Telha

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