A Flight Attendant Quits Her Job For £25K a Month On OnlyFans

A model quit her regular job as a flight attendant to sell explicit content on OnlyFans. She now earns more than her former annual salary.

A flight attendant quit her regular job to sell explicit content on OnlyFans. The model called Alexia Grace, from the East Midlands, now earns more than £25,000 on the platform.

The flight attendant earned £600 a week by working as an air hostess and a barista.

Alexia quit her regular job on Jet2 and Costa to sell X-rated pictures on OnlyFans. She claims that she “won’t miss the rude customers.

An air hostess earns an average of £20,456 annually in the Uk. At first, she did not have that much success on the platform. However, thanks to her following, she now earns £25,000 every month.

Grace loves the freedom her new job gives her.

flight attendant

She said: “I really, really enjoy it. The social media side of things is my favourite part of it – I love TikTok and Instagram and I can make that my job. I love the freedom too. I spent six months in Dubai last year and two months travelling across Mexico this year, so I like the freedom of working where I want.

Alexia says she can fill her family’s fridges too now.

I bought myself a new car two weeks ago as well – it’s a Mercedes-Benz A250 AMG Line. I was worried about what other people would think but you soon get over that. A lot of people think it’s easy money but it’s not, you really have to put the time in,” she said.

flight attendant

It’s being able to afford to have a full fridge now and being able to fill my family’s fridges. That’s the most pleasing thing about it because some people can’t even afford to eat right now,” says Alexia.

She adds: “I know for a fact that if I wasn’t doing OnlyFans, I wouldn’t be able to be renting a house, I’d be living with my parents.

She does not miss her former job.

Alexia claims that she does not miss her 12-hour job as cabin staff.

You don’t get paid nearly as much as you should for the work you do. Customers could be extremely rude and the pay was only around £1,300 a month,” said Alexia.

flight attendant

She added: “Passengers would moan about food or drinks being out of stock – we’re in the sky, we can’t exactly pop to Tesco. I then worked at a Costa Coffee in a service station for a year and a half, but I was making less than £300 a week as a barista. I left Costa Coffee because I wanted to put more time into OnlyFans. I felt like I had to leave so I could make it on OnlyFans. I just wanted a job where I had that freedom of being my own boss and actually making some good money from it.”

The ex-flight attendant was not constantly successful.

I made £1,500 in my first month which was good, but I think it was a lot of nosy people at the start, and by December, it had dropped down to £500. It was disheartening making only £500 because obviously other people are making a killing, but I carried on with it and I’m so glad I did. In July 2021, I made £2,000, and then in August, I made £10,000,” explained Alexia.

She claims it is not easy money.

flight attendant


It was me coming to the realisation that you’ve got to put everything you’ve got into it. I realised you need to post on social media as much as you possibly can, like making TikToks and firing it out as quickly as I could. I’ve got people who work for me now, but back then, I’d be working eight hours a day – I’d put in night shifts speaking to people and doing those long hours got me where I am now. A lot of people think it’s easy money but it’s not, you really have to put the time in. Luckily, I really, really enjoy it,” says Alexia.

What do you think about her decision to quit her former job? Do you consider selling explicit content on OnlyFans a job? Tell us in the comments!

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