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Bullied For Her Belly, The British Woman Makes $12K a month Eating Food On Camera

A British woman makes $12,000 a month eating fast food on camera

We live in the era of social media! Nowadays, it has become the only source of income for so many people. Knowing how to play your cards right, you might become a millionaire in a short time. That is what a British woman did!

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Antonia Graham got bullied for her big belly. However, she turned her ‘problem’ into a business and now makes $12K a month by eating food on camera on her Only Fans account.

Antonia used to struggle hugely

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Antonia said to The Daily Star that some men bullied her a lot for her big belly and her stretch marks.

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“Last year, I had a video go viral, it was just me making a joke about my weight, and it reached millions of people,” said Antonia.


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She added: “In the comments, someone suggested I should check out eating on camera, and from there, I was sucked into the world of feederism.”


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Feederism is described as a “fetish subculture in which individuals eroticize weight gain and feeding. Feeders are individuals who claim to become sexually aroused by feeding their partners and encouraging them to gain weight,” said a case report series from the Archives of Sexual Behaviour.

Antonia eats fast food

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“I eat mostly fast food like McDonald’s and KFC and usually enough to feed a family in one sitting. I eat around 3,000 calories in a meal,” said Graham.

She even accepts requests to eat certain meals


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“I charge $12 per minute for a custom video, and I only work Mondays and Fridays. But I do have the luxury of skipping often,” said Antonia.

Furthermore, she added: “As I only work when I need money, I earn below $12,000 a month. Whereas some people in the business earn over $36,000 a month.”

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Would you consider eating live on camera an actual job? Do you think that people can certainly turn their biggest struggles into strength (and money)? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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    • I have the same scars from gallbladder surgery and hysterectomy, glad she is making money from her scars, people can be so judgmental and cruel . Surgeries and after effects take a toll on a woman’s body, she is beautiful!

  1. I say bs she has clearly had surgery to reduce her weight. I could be wrong but that’s what those scars are usually from. It’s odd she has a pretty face to be fair so maybe that’s also part of the appeal as not many that do this have a nice face. I mean make money if you can but try not killing yourself!

  2. More power to her. Pretty smart, really. There’s millions out there, and many different fetishes, fantasy, you name it. Good thing many will do what makes them happy. Making money, why not? She’s beautiful.

  3. i don’t belive this story. the woman in the first pic has marks from where she’s had a gastric sleeve procedure…. there’s no way she can eat lots on demand. maybe she did only fans before and is now loosing weight.

    • Even after GBS, the stomach can be re-stretched if the person consistently overeats. It seems more likely the scars are from more recent pics though, and she is losing weight.

    • Why the hell does it matter if she done surgery to
      lose weight ? The journey from having ” LIFE CHANGING SURGERY is still a hugely dangerous one with many many women sacrificing their lives for death just to become what they feel is attractive or for health reasons.

      Whatever the reason behind her surgery is no one elses business and the reason behind this life changing operation is due to a world of people constantly tell her & other people ” shes too fat ” ” shes not good enough ” and even ” shes too big to be able to continue working ” is those QUOTERS PROBLEM ” is has nothing to do with her but is rejection and bullies/trolls and more telling her shes not accepted in todays world

      You are a Queen

      You are HOT

      AND im right here with you darling xxx

      Dont lose yourself and remain strong xxx

    • I agree, though some pics show no scars. So maybe she was doing it before and now she is losing weight from surgery. Since you can’t eat that much at a time that could be why she only does it a couple times a week.