Florida will prohibit children under 16 from using social media

Similar legislation has been contemplated by other states, although the majority have not put forward a complete prohibition.

Heading to Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is a bill aiming to establish one of the nation’s strictest bans on minors’ social media usage. The legislation seeks to prevent children under 16 from accessing popular platforms, regardless of parental consent, a concern DeSantis has voiced.



The House passed the bill with a vote of 108-7, following the Senate’s approval of 23-14, albeit with modifications to the original House version, addressing DeSantis’ privacy inquiries, according to Republican Speaker Paul Renner.


The bill targets social media platforms that track user activity, permit children to upload content, engage with others, and employ addictive features designed to encourage excessive or compulsive use. Advocates highlight increasing suicide rates, cyberbullying, and predatory behavior toward children on social media. Senate sponsor Republican Erin Grall emphasized the harmful impact of businesses employing addictive features to manipulate children.


While other states have contemplated similar measures, most have not proposed a complete ban. In Arkansas, a law requiring parental consent for minors to create new social media accounts was blocked by a federal judge in August. Proponents in Florida aim for the bill to withstand legal challenges by focusing on prohibiting social media formats utilizing addictive features like notification alerts and autoplay videos, rather than regulating content directly.

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