Mysterious “UFO” like 10 foot tall monolith pops up on a hill

A colossal monolith has mysteriously appeared in Wales, leaving locals astonished to the point where one initially mistook it for a UFO.

Amidst the enigmatic aura surrounding Catherine, the Princess of Wales, a similar sense of mystery engulfs the country bearing her royal title. Reports from locals reveal the sudden appearance of a massive steel monolith, nearly as tall as a semi-truck, in Wales, its origin shrouded in uncertainty.

According to WalesOnline, the 10-foot-tall structure was discovered on a hill in Hay-on-Wye, renowned globally for its abundance of books and bookshops. Richard Haynes, a local resident, encountered the object while out for a run on Hay Bluff, a routine he follows regularly. Initially perplexed, he speculated it might be a scientific research device collecting rainwater, only to dismiss the notion due to its unusual height and appearance.

Describing the monolith as triangular and crafted from stainless steel, Haynes remarked on its hollow nature, suggesting it could be easily transported and installed by two individuals. This recent sighting marks the first encounter for Haynes, and according to him, a friend who visited the same spot two weeks earlier had not seen it, implying its recent placement.

Craig Muir via Storyful

Another witness, Craig Muir, shared his astonishment upon encountering the structure, initially mistaking it for a UFO. In a Facebook video, Muir expressed his surprise at the monolith’s sudden presence, noting its apparent stability despite windy conditions.

This occurrence adds to a series of mysterious monolith sightings worldwide, reminiscent of similar events in the U.K. and elsewhere. In 2020, monoliths materialized briefly in Colorado, California, and Utah, sparking speculation and comparisons to the iconic monolith featured in “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

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