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Birds That Love To Fool Around Just Like Children

Some funny, yet interesting pictures of birds fooling around just like kids do

We are used to kids playing around, having fun, and sometimes making silly, yet funny situations.

Viral Strange brings some of the cutest and funniest pictures of these ‘mischievous’ birds, that are likely to spice our life up a little bit.

1. “I’m not touching it… I’m not touching it…”

© scrpio007 / reddit

2. “I live in constant fear.”

© Gallow***b / reddit

3. The real purpose of coffee cup handles: bird warmer

© boopmonger / imgur

4. “Deal, bro.”

5. “I shouldn’t have fed that one duck yesterday.”

© BrightenthatIdea / reddit

6. Moist owlette

© sunbolts / reddit

7. “We found a baby parrot on the road a few days back. He wouldn’t look at us the first day and now he wants to cuddle every time he sleeps.”

© tanisharm / reddit

8. “I can never get a nice picture of them all together.”

© Unknown / reddit

9. Just some precious parrots enjoying the rain, keep on scrolling!

© OhGodAGirl / reddit

10. “He pouted like this and whispered under his breath for 5 minutes because I wouldn’t let him chew on my phone case.”

© twolost-souls / reddit

11. Just hanging around…

© bcchronic14 / reddit

12. Apparently, owls and bananas don’t get along.

© kungfumilhouse / reddit

13. Did somebody say, “millet?”

© The_Walking_Carrot / reddit

14. This cat suffers from a horrible case of “chickenpox.”

© ablondegirlinChina / imgur

15. The Marilyn Monroe of pigeons

© sc_k / twitter

16. Just a nibble

© spiceguys / reddit

17. Baby parrots are the most unusual kind of adorable!

© thevernanator / reddit

18. Taken one second before the disaster…

© neeveeann / reddit

19. “This photo of a pelican trying to eat my phone”

© tinytoebeans0709 / reddit

20. Sometimes birds really do remind us of siblings.

© bumann / reddit

21. “I have 4 feathered friends who come by my window every morning for breakfast.”

© ml09ja / reddit

22. “My dad sent me this selfie.”

© mrnanovideos1 / reddit

23. “One day, I want to look at myself the same way that my bird looks at himself.”

© heckingtrash / reddit

24. Me: “I don’t want a new bird. They only bond to you and want nothing to do with me!”

New bird:

© zaphod_beeble_bro / reddit

25. Morning snuggles

© JanelleDrinksWater / reddit

26. “Maybe it’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybirline!”

© foreverbored01 / reddit

27. “I smell seeds.”

© SeriousParrot1337 / reddit

28. “Anyone else’s bird likes to nap this way?”

© Solieus / reddit

29. A true gentleman

© Redpaandas / reddit

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