Coco Austin’s “Bad Parenting” Moment Goes Viral

Coco Austin’s “bad parenting” moment stirs controversy. Explore what is the buzz about and read more in the article!

Coco Austin’s “bad parenting” video has ignited a divisive response online, drawing harsh criticism from some. In the clip, the 44-year-old mother of one is seen swimming underwater with her 7-year-old daughter. However, many fans were quick to condemn a particular moment they found inappropriate for a mother and her child.

The underwater video that went viral


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The model delighted her 3 million Instagram followers by sharing a video captured on her Samsung phone. In the underwater footage, she and her adorable daughter swam towards each other, exchanging a sweet kiss when they reached the pool’s bottom.

Coco Austin’s caption read: “Having fun with my Samsung phone, it actually takes great video underwater. Chanel just loves kissing her mama, doesn’t she? She is adorable… She is my obsession.”

There was a stark division of opinions igniting Coco Austin’s “bad parenting” moment.

Coco Austin's "Bad Parenting"
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As of now, the video has garnered 25,000+ likes, with numerous individuals applauding the mother’s affectionate display and sharing warm compliments. However, some voiced discomfort, finding their bond excessive.

One wrote: “The kissing thing is a bit weird, though,” while another said: “Um, no.” A third one wrote: “Giving your child a lil kiss on the lip is a loving & a healthy way to show affection…BUT holding the kiss for longer than a sec is too much and goes over the line.”

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In light of these responses, numerous fans rushed to support the star’s actions, asserting that there was nothing inappropriate about Coco’s behavior. One individual even suggested that some critics may have come from homes with little affection. Another added: “So y’all don’t kiss/hug your children? OR, your parents never gave y’all any affection? Because it shows. This is a beautiful video.”

Do you think the sequence when she is kissing her girl should be considered Coco Austin’s “bad parenting?”

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