Postpartum Body Transformation: Getting Your Body Back

Learn how to transform your postpartum body and get your pre-pregnancy figure back with this comprehensive guide.

Postpartum bodies undergo significant changes during pregnancy and childbirth. Every woman experiences pregnancy differently, making the postpartum body a topic to discuss.

Are you looking to get your body back after pregnancy? We at Viral Strange have compiled some practical tips to help you get back on track.

1. Set realistic goals.

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Start by acknowledging and embracing your new body. Prioritize mental transformation through positive thinking before focusing on physical changes.

Ashley Graham, a model, has shared her pregnancy experience and encouraged body positivity. Her postpartum journey emphasizes the beauty of diverse body shapes at all stages of life.

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To ensure an effective post-pregnancy fitness plan, set realistic goals. The duration varies among individuals; some can recover in 12 weeks, while others need 16 to 20 weeks.

The results can be influenced even by postpartum recovery duration. We recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any exercise routine and taking it slow during the first few weeks after delivery.

2. Go for walks

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To improve your postpartum shape, start with a few steps – literally. Walking is one of the most effective activities to redistribute fluids that accumulate in the lower legs, improve circulation, strengthen muscles, and burn calories.

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Build your walking schedule gradually, starting when you’re comfortable walking independently. You can break this up into smaller routines, such as:

• 2 sets of 10-minute
• 3 sets of 7 minutes
• 1 series of 20 minutes in total.

3. Work on your core in the first weeks.

During the initial postpartum period, focus on Kegel exercises to train your core instead of your abs. These exercises are helpful for postpartum belly progress, restoring core functionality, and preventing future back pain.

To train your postpartum body with Kegel exercises, contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles. Start by relaxing your body. Then squeeze as if stopping the flow of urine. Hold for about 5 seconds, and relax.

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After doing Kegel exercises for postpartum body shaping, incorporate abdominal breathing. Breathe deeply, expand your belly, and relax your pelvic floor. Exhale, draw your navel in and lift your pelvic floor.

4. Take vitamins.

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Essential nutrients are crucial for post-pregnancy recovery. While vitamins benefit breastfeeding mothers, they also aid in restoring nutrients. Iron and vitamin C supplements are good for postpartum skin health. It’s necessary to consult a doctor before taking any vitamin supplements.

5. Use retinoid creams.

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Post-pregnancy, stretch marks and discolouration are common in the belly area. To reduce their appearance, consider retinoid creams, derived from vitamin A, and consistent use – effective on non-white stretch marks.

6. Gradual workouts.

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After six weeks postpartum and medical clearance, gradually incorporate other forms of exercise to get back in shape. Avoid expecting immediate results from HIIT workouts. Starting slow is safer.

7. Yoga

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Yoga is a good exercise for a total postpartum body transformation. It improves stamina, promotes relaxation, enhances balance and coordination, relieves stress, and helps to get back in shape after having a baby.

8. Swimming

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Swimming is a great exercise to regain your pre-baby body by improving cardiovascular endurance and muscle tone. It’s best when combined with bone-strengthening routines, such as yoga.

9. Proper diet

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A crucial part of post-pregnancy body recovery is your diet. Ensure you consume enough nutrient-dense calories through appropriate portions of fruits, vegetables, protein, and Omega-3 fats. Consult a dietician for a personalized diet plan.

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Remember, everybody is unique, and the postpartum journey can vary in duration. Embrace your path, and accept each moment of the process and every change in your body.

Do you have additional tips for the postpartum body? Let us know in the comments.

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