Meet The Masterpieces of This Celebrity Tattoo Artist

Impressive tattoo art by the celebrity artist Ryan Ashley Malarkey

Creating beautiful and eye-catching tattoo art is as difficult as impressive. Today we will showcase the artwork of an incredibly talented woman, Ryan Ashley Malarkey.

Viral Strange has collected impressive masterpieces of this artist that will make you stunned!

Art has always been part of Ryan Ashley’s family.

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Ryan Ashley was raised by a single mom that worked at a fast-food restaurant. However, her mother taught her to draw. That is when Ryan Ashley entered the world of art.

Also, Ryan Ashley’s husband knows a thing or two about tattoos.

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© ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram
© ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram

She married Arlo DiCristina, who is also a famous tattoo artist. They both like to attend different masterclasses to share their experience will other tattoo lovers and artists.

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Ryan’s style is black-and-gray tattoos and jewels.

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She loves playing with the black-and-gray colors, combined with beadwork, lace detail, and ornamental jewels.

Ryan Ashley was the first woman to win Ink Master.

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In late 2016, Ryan won the 8th edition of Ink Master, a reality competition where tattoo artists went through artistic challenges.

Her prices are accordingly to her talent!

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A tattoo by Ryan Ashley starts at $200. Fans of her work, however, should be prepared to pay more if they need something that needs more hours of work.

Which one of her tattoos did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!

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