3D Tattoos That Look Very Realistic

3D tattoos that look that realistic might seem magical

There are many tattoo styles in the world. Body inking is a unique and challenging style of art. Tattoo artists experiment every day, showing their creativity, and don’t fail to surprise us.

Viral Strange will show the masterpieces of Phil Garcia, a tattoo artist that creates 3D body art. His art is so detailed that it looks like real magic.

Phil fell in love with art and drawing from an early age.

Phil Garcia was born in San Diego. He used art as a way to get out of the daily boredom at school. Phil also loves surfing and skateboarding: the reason why he embraced the world of graffiti art, preparing to become an ink master soon.

© philgarcia805 / Instagram
© philgarcia805 / Instagram

Phil started creating tattoos out of the blue. He said in his story for Tattoonow that when he was hanging out at one of the local tattoo shops, he met a young tattooist. Phil was impressed by his talent and got a motivation boost to start his own journey toward body art.

© philgarcia805 / Instagram
© philgarcia805 / Instagram
© philgarcia805 / Instagram

His career start was challenging.

© philgarcia805 / Instagram

Phil ordered his first set of machines in 2001. He was nervous because he wasn’t sure if it would work out. He also kept learning from other great artists.

When his machines arrived, the first thing he did was give himself a tattoo.

© philgarcia805 / Instagram

Despite the challenges, his hard-earned success finally came!

© philgarcia805 / Instagram

To this day, Phil Garcia is a demanded tattooist with a unique style, such as 3D tattoos. Most part of his work includes flowers and roses, which according to Inkppl magazine, are “world-famous“.

© philgarcia805 / Instagram

Phil has his own tattoo studio called Inkphiller Studio, where he creates masterpieces on people’s bodies.

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