Scars Cover-Up With Beautiful Tattoos

Have you ever thought about scars cover-up? These beautiful tattoos have transformed them into beautiful pieces of art.

Scars cover-up is not an easy decision. Many people are in doubt about whether to embrace their scars or decide to cover them up. To be honest: Embracing the marks that some horrible event has caused is hard enough. Emotionally and mentally speaking.

However, some people have decided to let go of all those unpleasant memories and take a leap of faith. They decided to cover up their scars with beautiful tattoos. The outcome is amazing!

Viral Strange has collected 16 pictures of scars cover-up with beautiful tattoos that will make anyone wishing to do that ASAP.

1. My second scar-based tattoo!

scars cover-up
© fluffffffffffffffy / Reddit

2. First ink. Done by Suzan Tattoozan. At Whiteaker tattoo Eugene Oregon USA

© Thundersson1978 / Reddit

3. Okay guys what do you think? I posted two weeks ago the pictures on the right when the tattoo first was made, and this is the final touch of my scar cover-up.

scars cover-up
© Unknown author / Reddit

4. Addition to Scar by Ink Escape, Shelby Township, MI

© DetroitBreakdown / Reddit

5. Tattoo scar cover-up was done by Melissa Boone “Dark Zero” tattoo shop in WA state.

scars cover-up
© S***_daughter / Reddit

6. Stomach piece/scar cover-up by Jeremiah Loui, Iron Works Tattoo (Portsmouth, NH)

© Foxy_Cleopatraa / Reddit

7. Skin slip over my favorite scar (dog bite). Cole Strem, Port City Tattoo, Long Beach, CA

scars cover-up
© heideggerian / Reddit

8. Scar butterfly by Jay Goods, Hartford County Tattoo, Bristol, Connecticut

© abbeyxhalfaxa / Reddit

9. Diamond to cover up burn scar by Anthony @shineon in Lawton, OK

scars cover-up
© tunnelsnakes** / Reddit

10. Using my scar as a branch for a bat, done by the lovely Sal at Danny’s Tattoo studio, Nottingham, UK

© Muted_Resolve_*** / Reddit

11. My before and after ❤️

scars cover-up
© sunshinezx6r / Reddit

12. Safety Pin (over my surgery scar) by Noodles at Noodles Tattoo, Warrenville, IL

© Chief_Roast_Beef / Reddit

13. Scar cover-up by Traci Manley @ Mom’s Custom Tattoo in Spokane, WA

scars cover-up
© Twiggadee / Reddit

14. Covering up scar tissue with a three-eyed Horned Owl, done by Keith Countryman (me) @ Spinning Needle Tattoos in Ft Worth

© Fidellio / Reddit

15. Axe tattoo over an axe scar on my foot, Jeff Houston, Iron Mountain Tattoo, Redding CA

scars cover-up
© Jess** / Reddit

16. Surgery scar tattoo by Summer at Moon Maiden Tattoo in Springfield, Oregon.

© dweebaubles / Reddit

What do you think about these scars cover-up? Would you go for it? Tell us in the comments below.

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