Adidas is dropping shoes that look like a shoe box?!

This year, adidas is creating a playful approach that blurs the boundaries between packaging and product.

Named The Box Shoe, adidas is grabbing attention and igniting discussions with what could be the most literal interpretation of sneaker design to date.


This anticipated release, unveiled through the adidas Confirmed app, stands out for its unconventional concept, transforming a standard adidas shoebox into a wearable fashion statement.


The Box Shoe challenges traditional footwear design by taking on the shape and appearance of an adidas sneaker box. It features a rectangular box structure with a square opening for the foot, simulating the experience of unboxing a fresh pair of kicks.


Thick laces hang over the box’s “tongue,” completing the sneaker illusion and encouraging wearers to tie them just like regular shoes. Adorned in the signature blue and white color scheme synonymous with adidas packaging, the shoe boasts branded elements that mirror the iconic look of adidas’ product boxes.


The adidas The Box Shoe doesn’t have a specific release date on the Confirmed App and lists the price as Price Upon Request. The code, labeled AF0104, hints at a connection to April Fools’ Day (April Fools 01/04), suggesting that adidas might be participating in some seasonal humor.


However, some social media users have already received pairs of the “footwear,” indicating that a limited number of these “shoes” could be available in the near future.

Written by Telha

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