Gen Z “what’s the point?” attitude needs urgent attention

If we provide young people with meaningful opportunities, fewer would subscribe to the notion of being labeled as the “generation of sick notes.”

Actress Jodie Foster’s commentary on working with young people sheds light on a prevailing trend where individuals from Generation Z exhibit a nonchalant attitude towards traditional work practices.


Foster’s observation underscores a broader societal narrative that portrays this generation as more inclined towards prioritizing personal comfort and mental well-being over strict adherence to conventional work schedules.

This shift in attitude towards work is increasingly evident as more young people opt for flexibility in their work hours, take unplanned days off, and openly prioritize their mental health needs.


This phenomenon has garnered significant attention in recent times, particularly with the release of a report highlighting a concerning trend of economic inactivity among individuals in their early twenties, attributed largely to health-related reasons, particularly mental health issues.


The report reveals that a disproportionate 6% of younger individuals have been signed off from work, surpassing the rate observed in any other age group below the late forties.

Written by Telha

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