New study: Half of Gen Z wants less sex on TV

Recent research indicates a shifting trend among today’s teens and young adults, suggesting a growing aversion to media containing sexual content.

A comprehensive study reveals that nearly half of Generation Z viewers express a desire for reduced sexual content on screen.


Within the surveyed demographic, comprising adolescents aged 10 to 24, a notable 51.5% advocate for content that prioritizes friendships and platonic relationships over romantic entanglements, particularly those entailing sexual encounters.


Furthermore, a significant proportion of young individuals, constituting 47.5% of respondents, assert that sexual themes are not essential to the narrative progression of most television shows and movies.


Additionally, a substantial 44.3% of participants contend that romantic portrayals in media have become excessively prevalent, particularly those centered around heterosexual relationships.


These findings underscore a growing sentiment among today’s youth demographic, signaling a shift away from traditional narratives that heavily emphasize romantic and sexual dynamics in favor of more diverse and platonic representations of relationships on screen.

Written by Telha

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