Expert: This is what happens to your body if you stop having s*x

A sex and relationships expert has provided detailed insights into what happens to your body when you stop having sex.

Christine Rafe, who serves as a sex and relationships expert for Womanizer, has elaborated on this topic:

“While there are recognized physical, emotional, and psychological benefits to engaging in solo or partnered sexual activity (including outercourse or non-penetrative sex), this does not mean that there are negative consequences associated with not being sexually active.


In the same way, we might experience reduced confidence, muscle tightness, and overall deconditioning from not exercising, people who haven’t had sex, or who stop having sex for prolonged periods may experience deconditioning to sexual activities and find that they have muscle tightness or soreness, difficulties in ejaculatory control, and a loss of confidence in sexual activity.”

Essentially, this means that individuals may become less prepared or conditioned for intercourse.

Written by Telha

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