“I’m 65 and sexier than ever— people mistake me and my granddaughter for sisters”

Seeing double? A remarkably fit grandmother asserts that her age-defying looks often lead people to mistake her for her granddaughter’s sister.

Lesley Maxwell, aged 65, frequently showcases her toned physique to her 145,000 Instagram followers alongside her granddaughter, Tia, aged 21.

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“Attention can be flattering, reinforcing the idea that vitality and attractiveness aren’t limited by age,” Lesley shared with Jam Press.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, the personal trainer embarked on her fitness journey at 50 as a means of coping with her divorce. Lesley now claims to turn heads, even catching the eye of men half her age. Nevertheless, the outgoing grandmother insists she’s not driven by the prospect of sex or romance.

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Lesley elaborated, stating, “People always admire a healthy, strong body. It makes you feel sexy. [But] I don’t do it for men. I want to be strong [and] more positive about myself.”

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She emphasizes that it’s never too late for other women to embark on their fitness journey, asserting that her remarkable physique is attainable for anyone.

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“People of all ages can change their body, health, and it really only takes an hour a day,” she declared. “You can be sexy at any age.”

Written by Telha

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