Man uses CHATGPT to talk to +5000 women on Tinder and meets his wife

Aleksandr Zhadan’s journey to find love on Tinder took a fascinating turn when he decided to enlist the help of artificial intelligence.

Initially starting with OpenAI’s GPT-2, he soon found himself upgrading to GPT-3, 3.5, and eventually 4, in his quest for a romantic partner.

His AI assistant became his trusted companion in the world of online dating, engaging in conversations with thousands of women, meticulously scheduling dates, and analyzing profiles to find the perfect match.


The magic happened when the AI, finely tuned to Zhadan’s preferences, sifted through countless profiles, filtering out those that didn’t align with his interests. Through this process, Zhadan eventually connected with Karina Vyalshakaeva, who would become his wife.

Their love story blossomed with the help of his digital wingman, whose algorithmic prowess seemed to understand Zhadan’s desires better than he did himself.

As their relationship deepened, Zhadan didn’t stop there. He continued to refine and upgrade his AI assistant, transforming it into his personal dating guru.


Despite some initial hiccups and misunderstandings, the AI proved invaluable in helping Zhadan navigate the intricacies of romance and become a better partner.

In a surprising turn of events, it was the AI that suggested Zhadan propose to Karina, a suggestion that she happily accepted. While initially shocked by the extent of the AI’s involvement, Karina came to appreciate its rational approach and recognized that their real-life connection transcended any technological assistance.


In the end, Zhadan and Karina’s love story serves as a testament to the power of technology when wielded with intention and heart, reminding us that while algorithms can facilitate connections, it’s the genuine human connection that truly matters in the end.

Written by Telha

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