AI Model Gets DMs from Celebs and Millionaires

Explore the buzz as A-listers and millionaires reach out to an AI model – an unexpected twist in the world of technology and glamour.

An AI Model, Emily Pellegrini, garnered public attention when numerous celebrities, including renowned footballers, MMA fighters, and even billionaires, slid into her DMs on Instagram, sending date invitations despite her non-existent reality.

In recent discussions on topics such as sexbots, rentable companions, and mail-order brides, a new headline emerges, featuring AI-generated Instagram models duping billionaires.

AI Model

Meet Emily Pellegrini, a 21-year-old Italian model embracing the influencer lifestyle. From flaunting luxury purchases to modeling lingerie and sharing captivating selfie sessions and lip-sync videos, she curates a vibrant online presence.

Emily is anything but an ordinary influencer, with her 102,000-strong following. Remarkably, she’s a fictional model brought to life by artificial intelligence.

In a humorous twist, it’s revealed that Emily, the AI model, has successfully deceived many. Recent revelations show that she’s received date invitations from celebrities sliding into her DMs.

Celebrities from the world of football, MMA, and billionaires are said to have pursued her romantically, captivated by the AI-generated allure of the Instagram model.

In an official press release, Fanvue, the subscription social platform, declared, “The stunner, who shares her content with fans on content creator platform, Fanvue, has become an overnight sensation with her perfect smile and envious figure, earning nearly $10,000 in just six weeks on the content creator platform.”

“It’s no surprise then that Emily has attracted the attention of famous footballers, MMA fighters, and billionaires, all eager to take her out on dates.”

As reported by Unilad, a professional footballer charmingly entered Emily’s Instagram DMs, playfully questioning: “How is it possible that such a beautiful lady doesn’t have a boyfriend?”

This unidentified footballer, a notable figure in Germany, reportedly sought to connect further by asking the AI model about her availability on WhatsApp.

AI Model

Fanvue added, “Only, Emily can’t reciprocate her admirers’ affections in person because she isn’t real.”

“Thanks to her captivating personality, she has had no difficulty amassing a multitude of devoted subscribers, whom she entertains around the clock.”

The company emphasized, “Emily is the dream girl for thousands of people. She has attracted affection and all sorts of proposals, and that includes being courted by high profile followers including footballers, MMA stars and billionaires.”

Fanvue could not only emerge as a rival to real-life adult influencers but also pose a threat to content subscription platforms like OnlyFans.

Despite Emily’s widespread popularity, the individual behind her creation, choosing to stay anonymous, has reportedly voiced concerns about the potential misuse of AI technology. This encompasses apprehensions regarding deepfakes and the production of inappropriate content, including child pornography.

The creator stated, “AI has many great things, many good tools, but it’s also very dangerous.”

According to Will Monange, CEO of Fanvue, artificial intelligence allows people to express creativity without being the public face of their creation. He questions why audiences are drawn to certain personalities and emphasizes that the essence of engagement lies in creative expression, regardless of whether it’s a human or virtual creator.

AI Model

Will stated: “Why does their audience want to interact and engage with them? Fundamentally, behind that engagement is just a creative person who is expressing themselves and knows how to do that. Whether it’s a person that sits as the face of that, or whether it’s a virtual creator, the fundamental there is still very much similar.”

Fanvue is reportedly actively developing new features for its platform, aiming to incorporate cutting-edge technologies. Among these features are chatbots and audio cloning tools designed to replicate a creator’s voice, showcasing Fanvue’s commitment to integrating innovative tools into its platform.

Will, the mastermind behind Fanvue, emphasized that despite the common perception of AI as a mere tool or an extension of human capabilities, developers working on AI bots are reaping significant benefits. This surge in advantages is fueled by the increasing demand for such technologies.

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