AI Girlfriends Threaten OnlyFans Models’ Jobs

AI-powered virtual girlfriends pose a threat to the job security of OnlyFans models. Learn more about this developing trend.

AI girlfriends can pose a threat to the job security of OnlyFans models as a viral picture of stunning camgirls, created by an AI image generator, is deemed realistic enough to be mistaken for the real thing.


The presence of seemingly hyper-realistic AI models on the adult platform is posing a threat to OnlyFans models, putting their positions in danger of being taken over.

The discovery that a stunning photo depicting four nearly identical cam girls was not genuine, but instead had been generated by an AI bot, caused concern as it quickly gained traction on Twitter.

Several individuals on social media believed that the purportedly doctored image was incredibly precise, leading some to consider creating an OnlyFans account based on it.

“I am starting a fake AI-generated OnlyFans for gullible idiots if I fail this trading thing,” tweeted someone.

Someone else added: “Image generation technologies like deep fakes/DALL-e will completely put OnlyFans out of business,” while a third added: “I’d pay for images like this, even if I knew it’s not real.”

In the initial image, four women with blonde hair were captured donning black underwear that provided minimal coverage, while gazing intently at the camera.

A different set of models, almost identical to the preceding ones, assumed the identical stance in a comparable image, except that three of them were attired in corresponding hot pink ensembles.

Several users joined the forum to share their favourite examples of obvious AI e-girls. Nevertheless, it was pointed out that the photographs may have flaws and may not be the best option for selective OnlyFans subscribers.

“I guess that someone worked very hard in crafting it, but that it’s almost definitely AI-generated or AI-assisted-generated,” wrote one user.

“Too many anomalies to be a real photo. Also, the perspective looks to be straight-on, but the camera is to the side. Should be distorted.”

“Spot AI by looking at the hands,” added another, sharing a photo where one of the women’s hands was creepily morphed.

The main user who posted the pic said: “The point is not to pixel peep to look for signs it’s fake or not. The point is they are already good enough to pass as real.”

In line with recent claims, it has been reported that a technology company is developing a series of virtual fashion models. DMIx StudioAvatars has created a collection of remarkably authentic modelling images which could potentially be utilized for fashion advertising in the coming days.

According to ColorDigital GmbH, the company responsible for the pictures, their models possess an appearance that has never been witnessed before.

Despite being artificial, the corporation has bestowed names like Joy, Nina, Noah, and Theo upon the models, regardless. Moreover, the brands have the liberty to modify the models to their liking, dressing them in various outfits and placing them in diverse environments.

What do you think about AI girlfriends taking over? Will they replace real people? Let us know in the comments.

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