AI-Generated Woman Sells Nudes on Reddit

An AI-generated woman was able to successfully sell suggestive pictures to lonely men on Reddit. Read more about it here.

An AI-generated woman tricked Reddit users into buying her nudes, as they believed she was a real person, but later found out that the sultry woman was a creation of artificial intelligence.

Deceiving lonely men with fake X-rated websites to extract money is not a new phenomenon, and AI is making it even easier. Some Redditors were tricked into believing that they were paying for nudes from a beautiful young woman when in reality they were conversing with a robot.

The circulation of pictures of “Claudia” caused a wave of excitement across the social media platform.

AI-Generated Woman
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At first, the suggestive photos seemed like mere tantalizing entertainment for adventurous men. The model shared a picture with the caption, “Feeling pretty today.”

Many men seized the opportunity, offering to fulfill the AI-generated woman’s requests in exchange for explicit photos.

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Someone said: “You’re looking very pretty.”

AI-Generated Woman

“You are absolutely gorgeous!! Will make a great trophy wife someday,” wrote another one.

A third person complimented by saying, “Holy crap, you are beautiful,” while some remained unconvinced.

The photographs raised suspicion among some individuals, who noted their unnatural and overly polished appearance.

AI-Generated Woman

Someone wrote: “For those who aren’t aware, I’m going to kill your fantasy, This is literally an AI creation, if you’ve ever worked with AI image models and making your own long enough, you can 10000 percent tell. Sorry to ruin the surprise I guess.”

It was eventually discovered that she was created by a duo of computer science students going by “u/Cl4ud14.” This validated their intuition, as they used an AI program to develop her.

AI-Generated Woman
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Following the disclosure, people demanded to see Claudia’s hands as AI programs struggle to replicate realistic fingers. However, this might not be a concern anymore. The fraudsters also stated that they earned approximately $100 from the photos before being discovered.

They said for Rolling Stones: “You could say this whole account is just a test to see if you can fool people with AI pictures. You could compare it to the vtubers, they create their own characters and play as an entirely different person. We honestly didn’t think it would get this much traction.”

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