My Sister Billed Me $2,145 for a Surprise Birthday Party

A girl was stunned when her sister billed her $2,145 for a surprise birthday party. Discover the shocking twist that unfolded next.

Hey everyone, I’m Christina! I just turned 29, and my recent birthday was unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. Imagine being billed for a surprise you didn’t ask for. That’s what happened to me.

My Sister Billed Me
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Due to mounting medical bills, birthdays haven’t been a priority for me. So, when my sister Lori asked about my birthday plans, I told her I had none because I needed to save money.

On my birthday, Lori invited me over and surprised me with a party. I was genuinely touched and thanked her profusely.

My Sister Billed Me
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Then, Lori handed me an envelope containing a bill for $2,145. My heart sank. She threw me a party I couldn’t afford and expected me to pay for it.

During the party, Lori’s wallet fell, spilling cash. I found a bill with a note saying, For Christina’s b-day bash! Love, Sarah. Everyone had chipped in for the party. I asked Lori about it, showing her the bill.

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The room fell silent as Lori stammered, claiming she was just keeping the money safe. I demanded she return the money to everyone who contributed and refused to pay for the party.

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