Bartender reveals bizarre way: I make $6000 every night

A bartender has disclosed the special signature shots she crafts, contributing to her nightly earnings reaching as high as $6,000.

In the bustling nightlife of South Florida, a 26-year-old bartender has honed her craft to perfection, not only serving up signature shots but also creating an unforgettable experience for Spring Breakers that keeps the cash flowing.


By day, Aiyana Callas, a former marine biology graduate, can be found sailing the waters, but by night, she transforms into her alter ego ‘Hurricane Aiyana,’ a bartender renowned for her unique skills and specialty in serving up ‘smackdowns.


‘At Backyard Fort Lauderdale, where she works, Callas has introduced her own twist to the classic ‘hurricane’ shot, priced between $30 to $60, with an astonishing 150-200 shots sold every night during March, raking in a staggering $6,000 plus.

What sets Callas’ shots apart is not just the price tag but the added spectacle – customers not only receive a potent drink but also endure a dousing of water and a theatrical slap to the face, delivered by Callas herself, who incorporates acrobatics and wrestler-inspired theatrics into the performance.


With additional offerings like the ‘Tornado’ for $35 and the ‘Four Piece Combo’ for $60, Callas’ inventive concoctions have become the talk of the town, as showcased on her Instagram.

Written by Telha

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